Democracy’s Roots’ presentation

User paths:

-> Home
-> Choice of question-> Answer-> Answer and comparison of answers
-> Friends’ comparisons and searches
-> Messages and friends
-> Configurations

A user is either a citizen, a politician (which is also a cityzen) or an organization of interests (NGOs, nonprofits, political parties, lobbies, unions, think tanks). Logically, we only accept organizations to have multiple user accounts (keeping in mind that their responses are not taken into account in the results).

The adoption and use of the platform provides an incentive to educate and foster interests in politics in addition to interests in promoting participatory democracy. It pushes for a decrease in white votes and facies votes. The number of users and the number of citizen consultations increase over time. Democracy’s Roots increases the speed, resilience, quantity of responses, and lowers the financial costs of democracy.

There are several places of communication and debate: walls for comments on questions, walls for discussion by answer or groups of answers, chats or videoconferencing in pairs or in groups, configurable and adapted personal blogs. There is also the possibility of having a grouping around an idea, a subject, a question or a questionnaire, a person or an organization. Democracy’s Roots adds multiple information systems: personal data, news, Democracy’s Roots’ blog for educational and informational purposes, external links linked to questions or answers, and the various comparison systems. It should be noted that the debates are of course moderated.

Notifications can be made according to questions, messages, responses to a comment and/or to one or some results.
Immersion, Ergonomics and Configurable Preferences: three important points in the development for the user interface. For example, the user can choose the wallpaper, color and font, as well as the color of the company logo.

Charter: “Independence, Neutrality, Transparency and Security”. This implies that it is strictly forbidden to sell, trade or give away user data or user responses. This also implies that all users can be anonymous according to their interests at any time to answer a question, and that the answers that are not anonymous are searchable via the platform. Independence with partners (financial, political or others) so as not to divert the project. Political neutrality, which goes with political objectivity, to remain accessible to all regardless of the political orientations and ideologies of each citizen. Democracy’s Roots Transparency is a guarantee of good management for users and partners. And Security at all stages, including computer technologies, especially when using sensitive user data.